Project Status

In Progress

Project Type

New build

NH Brickwork proudly announces the completion of a notable project in Ardingly, working in collaboration with the esteemed developer, Boughtonwood Homes. This project involved the construction of exceptional two-storey semi-detached homes, located right by the South Downs.

The homes feature the classic Freshfield Lane Brick, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. A key highlight of the construction is the intricate plinth details and courses, showcasing our expertise in detailed brickwork. Each home is adorned with beautifully crafted brick arches over all openings, adding a touch of elegance and architectural interest.

NH Brickwork undertook a labour-only package, focusing on both the substructures and superstructures of the development. Our team’s dedication and craftsmanship were instrumental in creating robust and visually appealing buildings.

This project in Ardingly is a testament to NH Brickwork’s commitment to quality, aesthetic excellence, and functional design. It reflects our ability to work harmoniously with developers and other contractors to create structures that are not just buildings, but homes with character, comfort, and a connection to their surroundings.