Mannings Heath

Project Status


Project Type

New build

NH Brickwork is excited to collaborate with Boughtonwood Homes on the Mannings Heath project, a prestigious development featuring 9 luxury units. This site in Mannings Heath includes a diverse mix of 2 detached, 4 terraced, 2 semi-detached, and 1 linked-detached house, each designed to blend luxury with the stunning natural backdrop of the South Downs.

Our role in this project is focused on a labour-only, brickwork package, covering both sub and superstructures. We are committed to delivering top-tier craftsmanship that aligns with the luxurious essence of the development.

Key features of our brickwork include:

  • Oversailing courses that add depth and texture to the façades.
  • Projecting header sills in contrasting brick, providing a striking visual element.
  • Elegant brick arches over openings, enhancing the architectural beauty.
  • Bespoke brick gables with feature courses, adding unique character to each unit.
  • Use of high-quality Fresh Field Lane bricks, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Detailed plinth work, showcasing our attention to fine masonry.
  • Stone sills on units 5 and 8, offering a touch of elegance and distinction.
  • Construction of boundary walls, framing the development and enhancing its overall appeal.

This project is a proud representation of NH Brickwork’s ability to execute complex and detailed brickwork, contributing to the creation of luxurious living spaces that harmoniously blend with their beautiful surroundings.