Project Status

In Progress

Project Type

New build

NH Brickwork is proud to have been a key player in the Saltdean project, a comprehensive new build venture in collaboration with Spendex Construction. This development encompassed a range of elements, including the construction of a new build, patio, boundary walls, and a driveway, each designed to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the property.

The new build features a superstructure blockwork, which is elegantly finished with a monocouche render. This modern technique provides a sleek and durable exterior. The design is further accentuated with a band of Fresh Field Lane brickwork, adding a classic touch to the contemporary structure.

A significant aspect of this project was the installation of porcelain paving, chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal. This paving is not just a functional addition; it’s a statement of style, completing the new build with a touch of sophistication.

The precision in the construction process was ensured by using spacers and wedges, a testament to our commitment to perfection in every aspect of our work. This meticulous approach is evident in the flawless finish and alignment of the paving and brickwork.

The bonding pattern chosen for the paving was a brick bond, mirroring the traditional brickwork style and creating a cohesive look throughout the property.

The Saltdean project is a prime example of NH Brickwork’s versatility and expertise in handling diverse construction elements. Our collaboration with Spendex Construction allowed us to contribute significantly to a development that is not just structurally sound but also visually striking and perfectly suited to modern living standards.