Burgess Hill

Project Status

In Progress

Project Type

New build

NH Brickwork is actively involved in the Wintons project, an 8-plot development featuring 2 to 4-bedroom luxury homes. This project showcases our expertise in both substructures and superstructures, contributing to the creation of high-quality residential properties.

The development is distinguished by its use of feature bricks, specifically the Olde Horsham bricks from Wienerberger for certain plots, adding a touch of traditional elegance to the homes. For plots 7, 4, 3, and 1, Maplehurst S/Wrap bricks are being used, while the other plots are being constructed with Rudgwick Multi Stock, again from Wienerberger.

Currently, significant progress has been made on several plots. Brickwork on plot 4 has commenced with the substructures already in place. Plot 5 is seeing the joists being installed by Woodies of Sussex, marking another step forward in the construction process.

Roofing is a crucial aspect of this development, with Fairland Roofing responsible for the roofs of these luxury homes. Plots 8 and 7 have their roofs completed, and plot 6 has been weathered in, a timely achievement considering the onset of bad weather. The next step involves the installation of windows, moving closer to completing the external envelope of these homes.

The Wintons project is a clear demonstration of NH Brickwork’s ability to manage large-scale residential developments, ensuring each home is built to the highest standards of quality and design. Our collaboration with trusted suppliers and contractors like Wienerberger, Woodies of Sussex, and Fairland Roofing is pivotal in bringing this ambitious project to fruition.